Miki's Story

GOD sweetly reminds me all the time that HIS blessings to me follow my obedience to HIM.  HE prompted me before the Bread for Life of America Mobile Market to make sure that little kids coming through a food line were not forgotten and made to feel special.  So when HE prompted me to stop and get candy for the children, I did.  I did so thinking this will be a blessing to the kids who come through the line with their parents to receive food.  Never did it occur to me that I would receive such a huge blessing from this small act of obedience.
My heart was so blessed to meet one very delightful child named Nadia.  I met many kids that first Saturday of handing out food, but I could never forget Nadia. You see JESUS was teaching me that we have not because we ask not, or we ask amiss.  All of the kids that day accepted their piece of candy politely and some shyly. All except for Nadia who was very polite but not shy. Nadia watching me knew I had more candy, and she wanted more candy. I did not turn down her sweet requests for more candy. Nadia got more candy than the other kids simply because she asked me for more. Nadia smiled so big as I learned her name that day, and as I gave her more, she hugged me with such sweet gratitude.  Nadia didn't know that JESUS was using her to teach me that day.
JESUS wants us to ask of HIM so that not only will we have what we need, but we get to see HIM and praise HIM as our Great PROVIDER!  HE wants us to recognize that HE has all we need and that HE is all we need. We are also to have an attitude of gratefulness for all HE does for us. Thank you JESUS for blessing my heart with such a sweet reminder of who YOU are!
The second time of handing out food, GOD reminded me that we are not to neglect telling others of the hope that lives within us. You see bread will only last us a short time, people will always need more. But when we hand out the BREAD of LIFE and people receive JESUS and are changed .... HE is enough... HE is all we will ever need!




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