Dew4Him ministers in the prison because we believe John 8:32,

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

We believe that Jesus can transform people from broken to beautiful.

Our monthly TGIF Bible Study (Today God Is First) meets on the first Friday of each month, September through May in the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women, Raleigh’s maximum security women’s prison.  We provide a snack, hold small group discussions of their inductive Bible study and enjoy an expository lecture with 150-200 inmates.  They all look forward to TGIF days and many of them are so impacted by the lessons that they share them with other inmates and prison staff after we leave!  The prison staff has reported that many of the inmates guard their behavior so as to not lose the privilege of attending.  


Prison Retreat:

In addition to our monthly study, Dew4Him holds a day long Annual Retreat.  This is a largely evangelical event and is open to the entire population of NCCIW, though the room only holds 250 people.  So far, it has been so popular they have to hold a lottery to narrow down the pool of 750+ sign ups.
We could not do this without much help.  We decorate just like any ladies retreat event.  We provide a small favor, a snack, and a wonderful lunch – usually a BBQ chicken meal with all the trimmings cooked by husbands and friends of Dew4Him.  These men also come in and serve them their lunch as many of these women rarely get the opportunity to see godly men in action.  Additionally, it is an awesome opportunity for volunteers to meet the women and see their needs.  
We offer lectures, special worship music and practical workshops throughout the day intertwined with themed costumes, skits, music and video clips.  The goal of this retreat is to introduce these women to Jesus and show them that He loves them and how He can change their lives. 

So what’s next?   The Starfish Project

We at Dew4Him have done everything in our power to make sure that these ladies have Jesus when they are ready to leave the prison, but James 2 reminds us that faith must be partnered with works.  When the prison doors open, these women leave with the clothes on their backs and often have no friends, no family, no money, no job, and no home.  They have lived in a highly structured environment with little opportunities for personal decisions.  How will they survive in our society without returning to a life of crime?  67% of prisoners return to prison within 3 years of release.
With 3 months of a job, a place to worship and mentoring that number can be changed to 8%.  
We at Dew4Him are fervently working on a plan, a place and a program to provide the transitional assistance that these women need.  There is much need to take this enormous step.
  • Mentors – women who are willing to get involved
  • Transitional Housing – a safe place where the women can live, eat, sleep and start fresh
  • Training Facility – a place where they can learn by attending classes like Jobs for Life, Faith & Finance, and job skills training.  
  • Churches – with open hearts and open doors to welcome these women in and love them back into society
  • Employers – businesses that are willing to give them a second chance and a decent paycheck so they are no longer dependent
If you have a heart for the ex-offender and want to get involved, please check out The Starfish Project.

Here’s what the inmates say about Dew4Him:

“Dew4Him is a program my spiritual life cannot do without. Because of TGIF I read and comprehend God’s Word more than ever. When Dew4Him comes on the 5th Sundays [to chapel] I cannot wait for service to begin. Jane brings the Word in such a way that it is easy for all of us to understand, and leaves us wishing service could last so much longer and looking ahead to the calendar for the next 5th Sunday. The women from D4H are in a class all by themselves. They do not treat us like a number, they treat us as children of God, joint heirs in Christ to the kingdom of God. They all not only bring the love of Christ Jesus, they share and show the love to us, so that we share and show it to others. In short, Dew4Him Ministries has taught me to be a better Christian and sister to those in Christ Jesus’ family. I am also a better person because of all I have learned from them.” Irene
“Before I came to prison and got saved I was a cold, bitter person, and always fighting. My heart was numb. Now I feel compassion, love, peace, and tranquility. My conscience is very sensitive. Now I can feel emotions, empathy and sympathy with and for others. I see life in a new light. This has been a new start, 2nd chance at life for me. And TGIF is so wonderful and love filled that you can feel the presence of God. The time flies by so fast it seems it is over as soon as we get started. I love to share my testimony and am looking forward to helping others and teaching through my life testimony.” Priscilla
“TGIF has been a wonderful inspiration in my life. Since I have been attending TGIF, I have seen tremendous growth in my walk with Jesus. I am not sure if I could make it most days without God allowing them to share the message of Jesus Christ. The ladies are so lovely, friendly and adorable. The most important thing about them is the love they have for God. I truly enjoy this Bible Study. So your work is not in vain. Please let God continue to use you in such a way.” Michelle
“This TGIF, means a lot to me, because it opened my eyes, my ears and [especially] my heart, to know how to be real Christ like, by showing me your dedication to this ministry and love me no matter what. This ministry means a lot to me also, because it helps me more to trust and to know God more and more. [It has helped] me to be quiet and to learn to listen to God’s voice and to know that He is in control of my life.” Zenita
“TGIF has and is truly a blessing to the women here at NCCIW. I have seen the changes first hand in women here. I pray you will keep this ministry going here and if it is God’s will in other prisons in the area. I know God has called me to His Kingdom work and you have helped me to know that I can do this because of what you do.” Anne
“I really love TGIF and Dew4Him Ministry team. It is something I look forward to. I have grown so much through their teaching. By us having scripture memory every month it has helped me to help others in situations. Also, I can tell others where to look and ready for all trials and tribulations. Others see a difference in me from TGIF teaching. They have made a big impact on my spiritual walk with Christ. He is the only one.” Gerry
“Dew4Him is my own personal gas station. Just when I start to feel empty, they come and fill me up with the Word and the love of God to get me through the next month. Also through Dew4Him God made this nobody a somebody special that He can use for His glory.” Audrey
“This ministry has been helpful to me in that I take each Scripture and look at depth into it. To be able to look at all the names of Jesus, the power of each of those names and to find security in them. I struggle with the flesh, and this ministry is helping me realize that even in the errors of flesh. Jesus is the Upholder and Rock in my life.” Debbie
"The Dew4Him prison ministries here at NCCIW has its own distinctive characteristics... The volunteers excel in their organization of bible study and necessary study materials, preaching and prayers, and pastoral care that remind sour Inmates of Jesus' own ministry, who gathered the crowd, fed them with food and The Word. They do follow Jesus' request of "making disciples of the nation" and influence our ladies to follow their steps and reach out for those who needs their help." Nagako Mori, BCC, Clinical Chaplain II
“… your ministry consistently shines the light of Jesus at this facility and gives Him all the credit and glory. Your ministry of music and the sermons were ‘on-time’ and a blessing to all who were in attendance. What is more, the celebration was beyond our expectation and ‘first-class’ all the way. Words cannot express our appreciation; your thoughtfulness, hard work, presence, and compassion will forever be cherished here.”   Chaplain Adrienne Denson
The volunteers of TGIF are mentors to our population at NCCIW. TGIF has changed the inmate population in so many ways; the most influential way is reassuring our offenders that the community is truly invested in their re-entry, which promoted positive attitudes, good emotional well-being and positive outlooks upon re-entry… For that, the inmates are thankful and the staff here THANKS YOU!  John Washington Green Jr., Correctional Program Supervisor, NCCIW