Stella's Story

It had only been a little over a week since the graduation of our second Jobs for Life class.  I was talking with Stella, who had graduated with that class.  She called me very excited, and said “I just had to tell you that it really worked”.  I hesitated and said “what are you talking about, what really worked?”
Stella proceeded to tell me how during class when she was doing one of the homework assignments, she had cut out a job want ad.  She used the want ad in her homework, but she also kept the information and called the number that was in the ad.  The lady that answered the phone said she just needed to send her resume to the address listed in the ad.  
Stella said, “I’d never had a resume before, but I do now”.  In Jobs for Life one of our major assignments is to get each students resume as good as it can be.  She had worked hard on her resume and was very excited to have it ready; she put it in the mail that day.  Three days later, she got a phone call and was asked to schedule a time for an interview.  Excited, but nervous she made an appointment for the next day.  
Stella said that she tried to do everything that we had taught her, from what to wear to arriving 15 minutes early.  As she sat down across from the lady who was to interview her, the very first question that she was asked was “tell me a little about yourself”.  Stella was speechless (not literally). She said “they asked me exactly what ya’ll told us they would”.  She said “I answered by doing my 60 second commercial”.  This is something that we had worked on throughout the course.  Stella said that she hired her right then and there.  Stella said that the lady told her she had never had someone answer that question like that.  She was very impressed with her confidence, knowledge and passion for what she wanted to do with her life.
In talking with Stella, I told her how proud of her I was, and all her hard work had paid off.  I told her she had made the program work for her and she was going to do well.
Stella said that was not what she was so excited about.  She said that everything she learned about how to get a job was great information, and it had worked in getting her a job.  But, what had made the difference for her was the difference IN her.  "I believe in myself now, I never realized that I was created for a purpose and that God created me to work.  I am a different person, with a different attitude, having been a part of this class with Dew4Him Ministries.  I will never be the same.”




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