Dew is the Power of Refreshment that brings life to barren hearts!  Thousands of years ago, God provided daily nourishment for His children through the manna.  The dew came, evaporated, and the manna was left on the ground providing sustenance for their daily walk.

Over the years, God has given us a passion for His Word and the strength that it brings to our lives. Dew4Him Ministries is a Discipling Ministry committed to bringing God’s refreshment and nourishment into the lives of women, giving them strength for their journey in today’s world.  We have created ministry opportunities to stimulate a hunger in the hearts of women for the manna of His Word, to encourage, equip and empower them onward and upward to reach their full potential in Christ.  Our aim always is to teach women to “know God, so they may become strong and take action” for the kingdom of Christ. (Daniel 11:32b)