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Building ‘Her’ Future:

At Dew4Him Ministries, we understand there are many women who are hurting and struggling with life’s circumstances and are often stuck in the consequences of past choices. We also recognize that these women need a place to heal and a chance to grow. That’s where we come in. We train in biblical truth and self awareness that brings about lasting change, helping women walk in freedom and flourish.


To see women redeemed and restored, freely flourishing in our community


Our Values

Our values are the foundation of the programs we offer.

Team Oriented

We believe everyone one brings their piece of the puzzle to create the whole picture.


Open to Change

Just because it’s the way we’ve always done it doesn’t mean it’s the way we will always do it.

Gospel Centered

We believe that the Word of God is the truth that brings transformation, and no life is beyond the reach of God’s love and Christ’s power.

Growth Mindset

We believe that life is the capacity for growth and change.


Core Values

Living Love

Your daily life should be a reflection of your love for God and others.

Excellence Driven

We demonstrate a commitment to women by always providing our very best.

Safe Environment

We provide an environment where you can be vulnerable and free from judgement.

What isDew4Him

Our mission is to come alongside women who are struggling so that they will heal and grow


Dew4Him is lead and founded by Jane Wolfe who also serves as Executive Director. Our team consists of a Board of Directors and a Volunteer Leadership Team

our Story

Dew4Him has been helping women grow since 2005. 

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