Our programs are centered on a model that invites women into relationships in a safe environment where they discover the truth about God and themselves — which leads to healing and growth.


We welcome women into meaningful relationships by loving them where they are.


We facilitate programs designed to guide women on a journey of growth.


We prepare women with the tools needed for living a thriving courageous life.

Community Bible Study

We host a weekly Bible study throughout the year called Learning to See that is open to our community because we believe that knowing the Truth is foundational to growth. This inductive method of studying God’s Word teaches women to hear God’s voice through the Scriptures. Through this series, you will learn to see God clearly, yourself correctly, and others compassionately.

Change Groups

At the heart of our ministry are our Change Groups, where we see God truly create lasting change in the lives of the women we serve. Change Groups are intimate and transformative small group environments where we walk with women to help them identify and break the cycle of unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors. Groups are facilitated weekly for six months and include a maximum of six women.

Leadership Development

FLOW is our weekly in-depth Bible study for leaders and those who want to lead and serve others. We use an inductive method of studying God’s Word, examining a passage for personal application and growth. It is an opportunity for women to learn and grow together, as “iron sharpens iron.” It also gives them a chance to fill up so they can overflow into the lives of others. FLOW Bible Study continues throughout the year and takes place weekly (three sessions each month)

Mentor Training

Through this training, we will help prepare you to be a healthy mentor — with a foundational understanding that God did not design us to do life alone. Healthy relationships are paramount in our growth and healing process. We will help you to be a healthy and effective mentor by providing training that helps you understand the fine line between helping and hurting. This training will also help you understand how self-destructive behavior cycles are created and how they are overcome.

Relapse Prevention

Most drug and alcohol addiction programs are focused on sobriety but don’t address the reasons a person became dependent in the first place. We offer 16 weeks of one-on-one counseling that helps women uncover the root causes of their addiction so they can find true healing and freedom.

Workforce Readiness

Through our valued partnership with Jobs for Life, we provide a workforce readiness training course. This program incorporates biblical truths and stories to help women understand their dignity, identify their God-given talents and gifts, develop character, and foster a supportive community that will equip them for work and life. This method, combined with soft skills training, has proven to enable unemployed and underemployed women to find and keep meaningful employment. Courses are offered in the spring and fall and include 16 sessions each.

Boost♥Her Bags

For women who are in financial need, we provide a monthly distribution of hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. Many programs only provide food assistance, so we come alongside women and families to assist with these necessities in a way that gives them a sense of dignity. Monetary donations and donations of full-sized, new products are gratefully accepted at our office. Please call 919-646-0034 to make a drop-off appointment.

Community Engagement

At various times of the year, we partner with the local chamber of commerce and other nonprofit organizations to serve our community. Stay in touch with us to learn what events are coming soon.