Intimate and Transformative

At the heart of our ministry are our Change Groups, where we see God truly create lasting change in the lives of the women we serve. In these intimate and transformative small group environments, we walk with women to help them identify and break the cycle of unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors. Groups are facilitated weekly for six months and include a maximum of six women.

We believe you can become the person you were created to be in 2024 — living a life of significance, love, and adventure. Change groups can help you get there.

Join a caring small group, in a safe environment with a nurturing leader.

Gain more love and understanding of God while learning to trust in Him.

Develop healthier and happier relationships.

Let go of the burdens, fears, and false beliefs that are weighing you down.

Your spirit will grow, your soul will be restored, and your life will be transformed!

What Others are Saying

“Jesus has always been the key to freedom, Change Group helped me see the chains and find the locks.” — J

“I wish I had all the money back that I spent on counseling.” — C

“Because of past trauma and drama, I thought anxiety was just who I was. No amount of prayer really helped me until I learned the role and power I have with Jesus to first see the lies I was believing (about myself and God) and THEN change group gave me the tools to conquer the anxiety and experience true peace.” — T

“It will be fun,’ they said … ‘Anything worth doing well takes work,’ they said. With this process, I had to dig deep to understand why I do what I don’t want to do. It took me to places I needed to give light to so I could begin healing.” — C

“I always said that I didn’t struggle with fear, but after realizing I lived under the fear of being weak, I was able to see how I coped when I was feeling weak. I learned that when I recognized these symptoms, I could take it to Jesus and not get sucked into the bad behaviors that hid my fear.” — L

“Change Group revealed the lies Satan had planted in my heart and mind and replaced them with God’s Truth, leading to healing and peace in my life.” — S

“As a counselor, Change Group – the Genesis Process allowed me to dig deep and reveal those things which were keeping me from being my best self. The process was hard and amazing at the same time. Not only do you deal with past hurts, but the process provides avenues for a brighter future.” — T