Dew Over Decor is an element of the Greenhouse Project, and provides women with positive work experiences in a safe environment.

What is Dew Over Decor ?

Providing women with positive work experiences in a safe environment while increasing the sustainability of Dew4Him Ministries in our endeavor to help struggling women flourish….

How it works

Community Sources will donate furniture and pallets. Dew4Him Ministries will provide the space, materials, and manpower for the repurposing of the project assigned. We provide feedback/accountability to the client as any employer would to help the client grow in their work ethic and work behaviors.

Our DOD Coordinator will schedule and oversee the completion of the projects for each client with the help of community volunteers.

More Info

The client will be hired as a part-time/temporary employee for the duration of the project while receiving support from volunteers. Her mentor will continue to look for more permanent employment to provide permanent future endeavors. 

Workforce Readiness

At Dew4Him, we understand that, along with a strong spiritual foundation, the women we serve need practical, hands-on training to develop skills that will prepare her for long-term employment.  The Dew Over Decor program is our new economic empowerment program that will provide workforce readiness experience. Our program participants will repurpose furniture and décor as they discover how to repurpose their lives and recognize their value, empowering them with dignity and self-respect.

Community Involvement

During non-programming hours, we will open the Creative Expressions Workshop to the public as a venue for local art teachers to teach classes, local moms to hold artistic birthday parties, and free creative time called “Make and Take,” where anyone can come and use our space and supplies for a small fee so anyone can come and Discover the Creator in them.  This will raise awareness in the community of Dew4Him’s Mission.


Another goal of Dew Over Décor is to provide sustainability for our ministry.  The repurposed furniture and décor from our workforce readiness participants will be sold via Etsy, Facebook, community events, and on-site.  Additionally, the monies raised by opening the workshop for art classes and birthday parties will increase our ministry’s financial stability.

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