Nourish to Flourish

Educating Women at their Place of Need…

Teaching her to:


Learn the triggers that cause stress and move her toward self-destruction.


Gain skills necessary to climb out of the situation in which she has found herself.


Discover her value and purpose to give her energy, hope and direction so she can walk on a new flourishing path.

Flourish Inside is a ministry Dew4Him does in the local women’s prison — NCCIW (North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women.)  We hold bimonthly Bible studies that consist of small group one week and a message the following week.

How we do it

Share The Gospel

We use our own Flourish Curriculum which is an inductive Bible Study method that includes understanding the context of the passage. This is combined with lessons, and action oriented application.
The curriculum assists in looking beyond the precepts of the Word to discover the person and attributes of God. We also use an application to encourage scripture memory through the resource Scripture Doodle.


Additional Educational programs

If interested in any of these classes, please contact us in the ‘Say Hello’ form at the bottom of the page

We have a valued partnership with Jobs for Life and use proven methods to equip women for the workforce. We educate and equip struggling women with life skills and ethics to make a difference in their lives and others.


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