A place to heal, a chance to grow

Life Lessons

Have you ever made a bad decision?

There are many moments in life that hinge on our ability to have discipline and be patient. Part of our development includes leadership lessons and teachings to help you make the best decisions when it counts.

Build your Resume

We provide classes to help you succeed in life!

Trying to get back on your feet is tough. Especially, if you are doing it alone. Well, you’re not alone, and we are here to walk beside you step by step! We’ll teach how to build your resume and launch you to success!

Achieve your goals

We offer a unique opportunity at the Greenhouse

Many of the existing programs offer a system to address alcohol and drug abuse. Though this addresses the physical and medical condition, it does not tackle the root of the problem. We believe that addressing the needs of the whole person is the key to Flourishing.

Cultivating Growth

Empowering Healing

Over 1000 women have been touched through Dew4Him’s teaching, leadership, prison ministry, and mentoring programs.

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