Changing Lives. 
Healing Hearts.

Your support this Christmas season will help change the lives of so many women in our community.

Thousands of women are stuck in an unhealthy cycle of self-destructive behaviors.

Many women fail in trying to overcome behaviors that do harm to themselves and others. In most cases, women and those around them try to focus on fixing the behaviors at a surface-level.

We help women heal and grow through self-awareness and biblical truth.

We invite women into relationships in a safe environment where they discover the truth about God and themselves — which leads to healing and growth. Through our programs, women come to see God more clearly, see themselves correctly, and see others compassionately.

Our Model


We welcome women into meaningful relationships by loving them where they are.


We facilitate programs designed to guide women on a journey of growth.


We prepare women with the tools needed for living a thriving courageous life.