Jane’s Story

Who is Jane Wolfe?

Jane Wolfe is the founder and president of Dew4Him Ministries, Incorporated, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women who are struggling to flourish in community as a result of increased self-awareness and adherence to Biblical truths.  A beach lover, Jane and her husband, Greg, have two daughters and currently reside in Wendell, North Carolina.

Jane has a passion for equipping and empowering women to embrace their identify in Christ and live for Him.  At Dew4Him Ministries, Jane leads a large team of staff and volunteers who minister in the local women’s prison and surrounding community.  Additionally, Jane teaches multiple community-based Bible studies and speaks at women’s conferences on both the local and national levels.

What is Jane’s Story?

Although raised in the church with a father who was an elder and a mother who was a choir director, Jane didn’t understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until she witnessed a friend who had an inner beauty and peace – something Jane knew she was missing.  In a restaurant parking lot in the mid 1980’s, her friend shared the gospel message with Jane. That very day Jane asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior, forever changing the direction of her life.

Three years passed, when under the teaching of Anne Graham Lotz, Jane began to earnestly seek God’s direction for her life.  She heard Him speak through Jeremiah 15:16, “…if you extract the precious from the worthless, I will make you My spokesman.” Not knowing what that meant, but knowing she and her husband were not living a life aligned with God’s Word, Jane and her husband sold their farm, where they trained horses, and moved to Texas with Bible Study Fellowship Third World Outreach.  In Texas, they turned a horse farm into an ostrich farm, a new experience for both of them. While working the farm, Jane and her husband felt God strip away their pride, leading them to changed hearts. Nine months later, they returned home to Wendell, North Carolina. It was at this time Jane realized God was calling her to teach His Word. It was time to become His “spokesman.”

For the next ten years, Jane taught community-based Bible studies.  Then the Lord spoke to Jane again, leading her to reestablish the community Bible studies as Dew4Him Ministries.  The ministry continued solely with community-based Bible studies for three years until Jane and her team of leaders and prayer warriors felt God leading them to take the Bible study into the area women’s prison.  There, Dew4Him began the ministry of teaching broken women with barren lives how to hear and heed the voice of God, helping those women personally experience His transforming power. The prison ministry continues today.

Under Jane’s leadership, Dew4Him continues to minister to the surrounding community in various ways, seeking to unify women, men, churches, non-profits, and government organizations with faith-based initiatives.  The Jobs4Life program is one example of how the leaders and teachers of Dew4Him assist women in the community, especially those who have been incarcerated, in finding meaningful work. Through the teaching of practical life skills, such as creating a resume and handling finances, the Dew4Him team helps prepare the graduates of the Jobs4Life program to be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way. 

The recent introduction of DewOverDecor is another example of how Dew4Him Ministries is working with women in the community to help them flourish.  This program provides practical work experience for the participants as they refurbish and create home décor items.

Jane Wolfe is a visionary and a leader in the eastern Wake County community.  She has taught God’s Word to women for more than 25 years. Her call to be God’s “spokesman” is obvious, as evidenced by her clear understanding of His Word and ability to teach and lead others through in-depth Bible studies. God changed Jane’s life in a restaurant parking lot many years ago. As a result of her willingness to heed His call, she, in turn, has helped enact positive change in the lives of many others.